Manga Recommendation #2 – Spirit Circle

Spirit Circle
By Mizukami, Satoshi

Genres: Seinen, Adventure, Romance

manga recommendation spirit circle

I am a huge fan of Mizukami. He’s by far one of the best modern mangaka, and I’d even put him in a list of the best mangaka of all time at this point. He consistently puts out superb titles. You might know him as the author of the cult classic Hoshi no Samidare, which I consider the best manga with a strong female lead.

Mizukami has a very particular style as an artist and as a storyteller. Spirit Circle is possibly just as good, or even better, than Hoshi no Samidare. But I have to admit that this is more of a mangaka recommendation rather than a manga one, and I believe that Spirit Circle is the best introductory work for someone new to Mizukami.

manga recommendation spirit circle


It’s a bit hard to describe the plot of Spirit Circle without spoiling anything. It’s a story several layers deep, but I’ll summarize the basic premise. Fuuta Okeya, a normal 14-year-old Japanese boy, is our main character. He has the special skill of being able to see ghosts, but he doesn’t really consider this a big deal.

He has a bit of a crush on a transfer student, Kouko Ishigami. She doesn’t seem to pay much attention to him, but all of a sudden declares him as her mortal enemy and swears to kill him. This all based on a little mark that she spotted in Fuuta’s cheek. She claims that it’s a mark that she gave him in one of their past lives, where they were also enemies. She pushes him down a flight of stairs, and we are promptly sent into a different scenario, with a new character that looks strangely similar to Fuuta.

manga recommendation spirit circle


Spirit Circle is a no-brainer for anyone looking for a really good adventure/action manga recommendation. In a genre filled with cookie-cutter shounen titles that are basically impossible to tell apart, Mizukami managed to create a wonderfully creative manga. It’s short and sweet, with lovable characters who get the development they deserve. I highly recommend this beautiful manga, especially if you’re interested in reading Mizukami’s works.

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